5 free things to do in Stockholm

5 free things to do in Stockholm

Stockholm is an expensive destination so it’s no wonder that not many people go here (although I have noticed an increase in tourists). But it doesn’t have to be! I won’t deny it though – Sweden is a very expensive country, but despite what everyone thinks, you can travel here for a cheaper buck than you might expect.

My advantage is that I have family and friends who lives in Stockholm so they know all of those hidden little gems and they know how to navigate through the city without spending a fortune. I always think that a really good city is one where you don’t have to spend heaps in order to enjoy yourself.

I want people to start loving Stockholm as much as I do and I really hope that more people will open up their eyes to this beautiful country and come here. We really don’t want over tourism, but there’s plenty of space in Sweden to receive a few at least. So… Whether you’re a poor backpacker or simply an adventurer who enjoys exploring a city without getting broke, check out this list of 5 free things to do in Stockholm.

1. Walk around Gamla Stan (Old Town)

Brända Tomten, Gamla Stan

The number one attraction in Stockholm is arguably the beautiful Old Town. I don’t blame tourists for coming here because I do too (and I’m a “local”). It’s one of the most picturesque neighbourhoods in Stockholm where you can take plenty of colourful Instagram shots (because let’s face it, taking photos is so important nowadays). When you’re here, take your time to fully appreciate it and don’t forget to look up! Besides its beautiful architecture, there’s also lots of cute little shops that you can walk inside and just have a look… Or even splurge a bit if you feel like it! Just don’t forget to pass by “Brända Tomten” in Gamla Stan. It’s my favourite!

2. Visit a museum with free entrance

One of my favourite things to do in Stockholm when the weather’s gloomy is to visit a museum. There’s plenty of museums where you don’t have to pay anything to enter. Two of my favourites include the Modern Museum and the National Museum. Here’s a list of museums with free entrance:

3. Explore the metro stations

Okay, this one isn’t fully for free, but I think if you’ve made it to Stockholm, you can probably pay for one metro ticket (about 3.5€ one way). You’ll be rewarded with some of the most stunning metro stations in the world. In fact, Stockholm’s subway system is truly one of a kind because it’s the world’s longest art exhibition. One hundred stations are decorated with some form of art in its platforms, walls or waiting halls. I have two favourites: The one by “T-Centralen” and the one by “Stadion”.

The beautiful “Stadion” station

4. Stroll along Djurgården

Besides having several museums and other famous attractions, it’s a beautiful place to walk and immerse yourself in nature. Djurgården is one of my favourite places in Stockholm because it’s so nice to just get out of the hustle and bustle for a while. If you’re in Stockholm during fall, you must go here and see all the yellow leaves.

Djurgården during early fall

5. Visit Drottningholm Castle

Stockholm has an abundance of castles but one of my favourites is the Drottningholm Castle. It’s the private residence of the Swedish royal family and also a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s the most well- preserved royal castle built in the 1600s in Sweden and is located in Drottningholm. It doesn’t cost you anything to just walk around the castle and the gardens, but if you want to enter, you must pay.

There were almost no tourists in Drottningholm Castle when I was there during summer

There’s plenty of other free things to do in Stockholm, but these are some of my favourite things to do that I always recommend to people. So traveling here doesn’t have to be an expensive ordeal, but make sure to squeeze in a few “fikas” before leaving Sweden.

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