Morocco: First Impressions of Marrakech

Morocco: First Impressions of Marrakech

I took a flight from Madrid to Marrakech late afternoon and arrived around 23:45. I decided to book a taxi with my hostel because… didn’t really feel super comfortable wandering around at night in Morocco. I was quite nervous and anxious to go there after everything I had read, but realized that it was stupid. You can read but you shouldn’t take all blog posts too seriously I guess. Someone else’s experience doesn’t have to be yours. I was scared that this or that would happen so I worried for nothing. I actually thought Morocco felt quite safe! But more on that in another blog post.

The beautiful souk in Marrakech

My first day in Morocco I explored with an American girl, Jessica. We explored the souks (markets) together in the Médina and bought a few souvenirs. At night I wanted to go to a vegan cafe and I found a place called “Earth Cafe” in the souk. Food was… a bit disappointing. I had the rice noodles and well, yeah, should never have asian food in Morocco.

Strolling around in the Medina

I was still super happy I found a vegan place so. Whatever! Marrakech is definitely a very touristy place and the men working in the stalls can be a bit aggressive, but never that you feel danger or anything. It’s just their way of talking that may make you feel like they are upset with you but really. No. It reminded me a lot about Palestine so I felt “safe”, or at least knew what to expect and how to handle certain situations. Marrakech is absolutely beautiful but it didn’t leave me a deep impression. I’d happily go back to buy a carpet, but that’s probably it.

If you have the chance, venture outside of the Médina and check out the luxury hotel “La Mamounia” where all bloggers live (lol). You can take a free “tour” there and marvel at all the amazing details and tiles. A must see and it only takes about 20 min to walk from the main square.


Marrakech was a great start to my Morocco trip and I’m really happy I started here. Just hope that next time I will be able to afford staying one night in ‘La Mamounia’ hotel in Marrakech. I mean, look at their pool…

La Mamounia – Too luxurious for me
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