Street Art in Madrid

Street Art in Madrid

This blogpost is dedicated to all the incredible street art I saw in Madrid. I really liked the city, the cool vibes and the fashionable locals, which made me feel super jealous because I wish I was brave enough to play around with fashion like that.

Either way, if you’re coming to Madrid, you need to just walk around and admire all the street art that’s all spread out in the city. It’s impossible to miss it. Here’s some of the beautiful street art I found in Madrid.

One of my favourites at Tabacalera

Tabacalera is an old tobacco factory that has turned into a creative space where you can do yoga, dance, photography and other creative things. And of course, there’s plenty of street art which I absolutely loved. The mural gets re-decorated every year though, so make sure you snap a photo of your favourite art before it’s gone. And when it comes to the stories behind the art and who did it… To be honest, I have no idea (sorry!).

Another piece of art at Tabacalera
… Aaaand another one
Ok last one from Tabacalera, I promise

My favourite place in Madrid is probably the Malasaña neighbourhood. It’s hip, quirky, fun, cool and has a very artistic vibe to it. There’s plenty of cafés here as well, – lots of vegan ones for the record – all with their own special touch. But I was just having fun getting lost in the alleys, trying to find a brighter, more crazy piece of art.


Love this one
Colorsplash in Madrid

Malasaña is also close to “Chueca”, which is considered to be the “gay neighbourhood” in Madrid. This was also one of the places I liked the best because there was so much going on there. So, if you are planning on traveling to Madrid anytime soon, make sure that you go to:

Malasaña – trendy, hipster and artsy area

Chueca – the colourful and cool gay neighbourhood

La Latina – tapas, terraces, cocktails and bars define this fun party area

Barrio de las Letras – art, museums and literature: what’s not to love!

Gran Vía – the “main” street of Madrid with plenty of shops

Love what you do 

And the most important thing besides admiring the street art – EAT TONS OF TAPAS! The Spanish knows their food, so don’t be shy and order those 10 plates of tapas that I know you want to devour.

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