The Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Lisbon

The Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Lisbon

As many of you probably know, I lived in Lisbon for 7 amazing months and was lucky to try out some amazing vegan and vegetarian restaurants. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of plant based restaurants in the city, but also noticed how much more expensive it is to buy groceries such as tofu, tempeh, soy yoghurt, etc. It’s definitely not impossible, but you’ll just have to be prepared to invest a bit more money on food – which I really didn’t mind.

So whether you’re visiting Lisbon for just a few days, you’re moving here or you’re already living there, you should definitely check out these incredible restaurants. Some only serve vegan and others have vegan options. Check it out!

1. Pachamama

Okey, so the first place on the list is actually a place I never went to. Yet. But people told me so many good things about Pachamama that had to include it on the list. It was actually the first organic restaurant in Lisbon so I’m sure they know what they’re doing. The food I’ve seen looks incredible too. Go there and eat some for me!!

Instagram: pachamamainsta 

2. Ao26 Vegan Food Project

My absolute favorite vegan restaurant in Lisbon. It’s usually always full for dinner so make sure you have a reservation. Otherwise, try going during lunch time, around 14-15 when it’s not too crowded, and try to get a spot. It’s really worth it! The daily menu changes every day so you’ll always be surprised with something new. One of my favorite meals I had there was the vegan sushi. SO GOOD. And you only pay 7.5€ for the lunch! Sweet deal if you ask me. I brought people who eats meat there and they also loved it.

Instagram: a026veganfoodproject

A feast for my eyes and my taste buds

3. Agua no Bico

Okey, so this place is a DREAM. It’s a restaurant which serves mostly vegetarian, vegan, paleo, raw dishes but you can also find meat here. Super healthy and organic. Their desserts are heavenly! The interior is so pretty and there’s a big garden where you can sit and eat your food. 

Instagram: aguanobico

4. Ela Canela

I went to have brunch here on a Sunday morning and it was in-cre-di-ble. It cost me about €13 but filled me up all day. Not kidding, I could barely eat anything for the rest of the day. It’s a very Scandinavian-style (love!!!), hipster place in one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Lisbon, Campo de Ourique.

The incredible black rice pudding that I got as a “starter” for my brunch

5. Osteria – Cucina di Amici

This lovely and small Italian restaurant is not vegan or plant based actually, but there’s a lot of vegetarian options. Unfortunately, not a lot of vegan food here, but you can ask for the beetroot pasta and just skip the grated cheese on top.

Beetroot pasta

I love this place because 1. It’s in my favourite neighbourhood Santos and 2. It feels like an Italian grandmother is cooking you food and you just can’t stop eating.

Quite possibly my favourite thing on the menu: aubergine “meatballs”

6. Comoba Lisboa

Instagram friendly cafés are everywhere in Lisbon. This one is no exception! You can get every “trendy” thing here such as matcha lattes and even matcha pancakes. I’m not a big fan of matcha to be honest, but their menu is fresh and tasty, you have lots of vegan choices and the location is wonderful. As with every café which is “Instagrammable”, you’ll pay a much higher price here for a coffee. But the WiFi’s good if you want to bring your computer, and it’s a place you want to sit for a longer time.

Instagram: comoba_lisboa 

7. Graca 77

This lovely and very underrated restaurant lies in Graca (duh) and is a vegetarian restaurant. The interior is simply wonderful and the food as well. I think my favourite thing about it is the owner though – he is so lovely and welcoming! It’s definitely one of those places which should get more credit.

Instagram: graca77.restaurante 

8. Jardim das Cerejas

A vegan buffet place. Pay €7.5 and get an all-you-can-eat buffet that’s super tasty and filling. The dishes changes daily. And!! You must try their desserts which are coconut milk based. They only cost €2.5. Gah!!!

9. Veganeats Cafe

My Portuguese friend told me about this place a week before I was moving home so I only got the chance to try their amazing chocolate caramel cake. But in this area in Anjos, you’ll find 3 vegan restaurants really close to each other: Veganeats, Las Vegan (just opened) and Lisbon Vegan restaurant. I wanted to try them all but didn’t have time (or money, buhuuu).

Instagram: veganeatscaffe

10. Foodprintz Cafe

This is a vegan café & yoga space that’s run by an expat. The food is good and honestly I love everything that’s a little hippie/yoga/animal loving place. Minus is that it’s quite expensive for Portugal.

Instagram: foodprintzcafe 

Buckwheat pancakes and coconut yoghurt

11. PSI

Vegetarian restaurant that my friends only told me great things about. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but if you’re Swedish or whatever, you’ll find the prices to be OK. Around 11-15 euros per meal. The interior design looks amazing too. 

12. Tantura

My favorite restaurant in Lisbon! Not sure how many times I’ve been here, but Israeli food is my weakness. And as soon as I found out I can get hummus in Lisbon, I ran as fast as possible. Not only is it really good, I love the ambiance there, and of course, the staff. Elad and Itamar are an Israeli couple who owns this restaurant and they’re the best. They’ll welcome you with open arms and make you feel like you’re dining in their house.

Instagram: tanturalisboa

I’m a sucker for Israeli food

13. Veganapati 

This newly opened vegan restaurant in Lisbon is very centrally located, has a chill atmosphere and the food felt fresh. There’s a lot of Indian options, but you can also eat more western food such as hamburgers.

Instagram: veganapati 

Vegan Burger

14. My Mother’s Daughters

Another fully vegan café I never got the chance to try (*regrets*), but my friends went there and told me it was really good. They said the food felt really fresh and everything was strictly vegan, lots of raw food too.

Instagram: mymothers.daughters 

15. Miss Saigon 

If you don’t mind venturing a bit outside of the city centre, you should try this vegan restaurant in Parque das Nacoes. It’s quite the popular place so make sure you reserve a table in advance.

16. Moko Veggie Café 

Although I lived in the Graca area for 4 months, I didn’t find this really cute veggie café until my last weeks.  It’s a really small café but it’s possible to be seated. There’s some really delicious vegan and vegetarian pastries which you can buy on the go, but if you prefer to be seated, you can also find a ton of other options such as dumplings, burgers and vegan croissant. I have to give this underrated café a big plus because of the staff which I really adore. The price range is also good so come here with an empty stomach!

17. Princesa do Castelo 

I’m not going to recommend this place because of the food but because they have vegan Pastel de Natas. It’s an egg tart pastry which you can find in basically every bakery. The French has their macarons, Portugal has Pastel de Natas. Now vegans can also try one of Portugal’s most famous dishes. Grab one in Princesa do Castelo! They are just as good as the regular ones.

Not the vegan pastel de natas, but you can find these in “Aloma” in Campo de Ourique. They were voted as the best pastel de natas by locals.

There you have it! Let’s just say, you won’t be starving when you visit Lisbon. My only regret in Lisbon is not being able to try all of these places. There are a ton of other plant based restaurants, but these are some of my favourites (and some are my friends favourites).

Lisbon’s an amazing city so make sure that you spend as much time here as you can. Who knows, maybe you’ll also move here one day.

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